Limited Kitchen Space is a problem that plagues many people, especially those in apartments or older homes. At The Shelving Store, we are experts on helping make the most of limited kitchen spaces.

Recently a customer came in because looking for a kitchen storage solution. She had some space in her dining area, where she wanted to install some storage shelves, however she also needed more work space. We suggested the Chrome Wire Kitchen Kart! It was exactly what she was looking for. It gave her the storage shelves she needed, and she could easily move it to another room when she needed to have that extra work space. She also choose Hardwood Shelving Inserts, allowing her to utilize the shelving unit as a extra kitchen workspace as well, because the hardwood shelving inserts double as a cutting board!

If you suffer from limited kitchen space, or are in need of a custom storage solution, The Shelving Store can help you create a custom storage system that best meets your needs!

Keep Your Home Organized,

The Shelving Guy