Using Lockers

  1. Organize Your Kids’ Playroom For Better Playtime!

    Whether they’re in there stomping around with their favorite toys, playing their favorite video game or board game, or just sitting quietly and coloring, the playroom can be a pretty vital place for kids while they grow up. It helps them get used to other spaces aside from their bedroom and can provide an important sense of security – and better yet, it gives them a place to play!

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  2. Keep Your Entryway Organized In Winter

    It’s always kind of a pain to get your entryway organized, isn’t it? There’s always coats to hang up, shoes to kick off, keys to misplace, and a bunch of other stuff that clutters up an entryway.

    Really, the only thing that can make an entryway more of a hassle to keep clean is wintertime. Between the melting snow turning into muck on your boots and all the extra layers you have to put on when you leave, the winter can make your entryway or mudroom a much bigger mess than it was before. But never fear – we’ve got some tips on keeping your entryway free of clutter and help you make less of a snowy mess along the way!

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  3. Putting Away Your Summer Clothes

    Tomorrow (September 22nd) is the first official day of autumn, and while we might still have another week or two of nice weather, it does mean it’s time to start putting your summer clothes away. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of those warm states, you’re not going to need those shorts and tank tops much longer, and you might be wondering just what to do with them.

    Never fear! As always, The Shelving Store is here with some handy organizational advice for getting your summer clothes tucked away nice for when those golden days return again next year. In the meantime, here’s some tips to get everything put away!

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  4. Getting Organized for Back to School!

    It’s that time of year again! Kids dread it, parents secretly love it, and teachers look forward to steadier paychecks: it’s back to school time!

    And yet, back to school tends to be a little more complicated than you might expect. There’s supplies to buy, there’s sleep schedules that need to get readjusted, and there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. We’re here to help with what we can – if you need some organization tips to get ready for the school year, read on!

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  5. How To Stay Organized During A Home Remodel

    Home remodels and renovations are an unfortunate but often needed fact of life for homeowners. There’s tiles that need to be replaced, there’s kitchens that need expansion, there’s all sorts of “fun” projects (unless you actually like that kind of thing!) that will crop up in any long-term housing situation.

    But during these projects, you probably have a lot of other, smaller chores that pop up. Trying to keep your day-to-day life in order during a big home makeover probably feels kind of impossible, but fear not! We’ve got some tips here to stay organized during home renovations – and hopefully stay sane!

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