Unfortunately, summer is nearly over. It’s come and nearly gone in a blink of an eye – just like our Xmas in July sale on decorative shelving and lockers – it ends today!

All of our decorative shelving is on sale, wood shelvesglass shelvesshelf brackets, and even lockers. But my favorite part of this sale is the Umbra shelving.

Just like in Peter Pan where you never want to grow up, we never want summer to end.

Umbra’s first magic trick is to make summer last forever, well the best that they can. With a large nickel bulletboard, you can hang your favorite summer memories so it never really has to end. It’s your own mini and personal Neverland.


The next trick up the sleeve requires a little help from Tinker Bell and her magic flying powers. Create the illusion of floating books with these magical shelves.



Umbra has a large amount of hooksSo many, in fact, Captain hook would be proud to have a collection such as this. Each unique and creative, these hooks are the best in town.