Consider, if you will, the humble laundry room. We’re always glad to have clean clothes, but you can start thinking about the clutter, the noise, and the hassle of doing laundry and it can all get a little daunting.

While there isn’t a lot to be done about loud clunky washing machines (short of just replacing the whole thing), there are plenty of options to make your laundry rooms cleaner and more productive! If you’re looking for some help with the laundry (above and beyond getting your kids to keep everything folded when they put it away, am I right?) we’ve got a few ideas here to help your laundry room stay organized, productive, and ready for whatever you need to wash:


Hang out: If you’re the sort who worries about shrinking clothes, it’s always a good call to have a hang-up rod close at hand so you can conveniently hang up anything that doesn’t belong in the dryer. Put up a quick PVC rod (or, if you’ve got the space, get something like a wire shelving wardrobe kit) to hang onto your delicates and keep everything close at hand.


Let there be light: One of the most common complaints in laundry rooms is a lack of sufficient light to see everything clearly enough. To prevent accidents, missing socks, and the like, try to get some more light in the laundry room – if you don’t have the space or ability to completely redo the ceiling lamps, at least consider getting some taller work lamps or desk lamps to provide a little extra illumination when it’s laundry day.


Use those cabinets: If you’re fortunate enough to already have some cabinets in your laundry room, there’s plenty of ways to maximize the space available to you. Kitchen cabinet organizers can be easily repurposed to hold cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and the like to give you more space to store everything and help keep those frequently-ungainly detergents and fabric softeners under control!


Get organized: If you don’t have any cabinets in your laundry room, or if you just have too much stuff you have to keep in there, there’s still plenty of ways to get everything organized. Get some plastic storage bins and divide everything up by type; soap, detergent, spray, etc and make sure to keep it on a shelf out of the way of your actual laundry machines so you have easier access to everything.


Keep everything right nearby: A lot of home design experts say that the most efficient laundry rooms are the ones where everything is kept not more than a step or two away from each other, and who are we to argue with the experts? If you have the space to reorganize, try to shuffle everything around to keep it all right at hand so you don’t have to keep running back and forth to get to the items you need.


We’re not saying these tips are going to make doing the laundry any more fun, but it should make it a lot easier so you can get back to everything else you’re up to!