While you’re happy to have them home, you definitely didn’t miss the mess. Your empty nest fills up quicker than you realize, since your bouncing baby returns with impossibly more items than they used to have. From clothes to equipment, school supplies, and even the odd piece of dorm furniture. Luckily, there are ways to help organize the chaos that is a student returning from college.

First, prioritize items while unpacking. Keep out summer clothes, instruments, sports equipment, and any decorations that need to be transferred to their room. All mini fridges, microwaves, and other gear can be packed away for the long trip back in the fall. When putting items in storage, you want to invest in an economical solution that will also guard against any weather related mishaps. For this, we recommend simple Rubbermaid containers and stackable tubs. By keeping seasonal clothes and infrequently used (or superfluous) items in these small storage bins, you localize the clutter to one area.

The next step is to consider how you’ll keep all of these tubs organized. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a storage solution that will become obsolete as soon as your child returns to school. Instead, consider an option that won’t take up much space when not in use, yet can be reconfigured for each summer return.

Wire shelving offers the strength you need with the reliability you count on. Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs and can be adjusted on 1″ centers along the post. When not in use, units can be deconstructed into their components, a stack of shelves and some posts. You can create individual (stand-alone) units or a row of storage with add-on units. The number one reason we recommend purchasing wire shelving to store your child’s college stuff is because, when they move back, they can take it with them! This is a case of major functionality, whether they are moving back into a dorm or are living off-campus.
Wire shelving is a great way to store appliances, tubs, totes, and packed boxes. The chrome finish helps protect against rust while providing a clean look that matches any decor. That way, it can easily transition from garage to college hangout without concern. Help keep your summer organized, and make sure it’ll be easy to send your little scholar back to school.