For those unfamiliar with that “hip internet lingo,” FTW typically means For The Win… But not this time.

Today, on this special day, FTW means For The Wedding! Yep, we had wedding fever this weekend, and we’re just pleased as punch with how it all turned out. You might remember all of the work we put into the bachelorette party last week. Well, it was all worth it as we set up for the special gathering on 15 acres of beautiful Michigan countryside.

wedding setting

Earlier in the day, I had gotten a call from the Maid of Honor, asking if it would be possible to bring the garment rack we used the week before. It was still sitting completely assembled in my living room; I was worried whether or not it would fit in my car, a Toyota Corolla. I quickly disassembled the unit without any tools, laid down the back seat, and threw the components in the trunk.

rack and car


Even if time and space were a cause for concern, it would not have been a problem. Even my small car could tote this 18″d x 60″w wire shelving unit. I pulled the components right out of my trunk and put them together in what had to be record time. It’s amazing how fast assembly goes when you’re motivated by free food! I wheeled the cart in as the bridesmaids were getting ready.

hill face

At this point, nobody had explained to me why they needed the garment rack. Turns out, all of the dresses were currently being hung on various doors and were super in the way. They were relieved when I parked it right by the mirror.


Can’t you tell?

cleaning dresses

The wire shelving was a perfect solution for getting ready. At 72″ tall, the dresses hung at length where they could steam out the wrinkles. Shortly thereafter, they kicked me out so they could complete the metamorphosis into bridal butterflies. I must say, everyone looked great:

bridal party

Especially Tim. Look at him.

I’m really glad I had that mobile garment rack. Easy to set up (and disassemble), easy to transport (wheel around the expansive property), and helpful for organizing 5 frantic bridesmaids + 1 excited bride!

PS. They had the best cake-toppers EVER:

awesome cake toppers