Since college orientation is right around the corner, as organization experts, we feel we must provide those college goers with more tips to help them stay organized throughout the school year!

In the last post regarding college organization, we suggested some of our products that we know will work with your dorm. Now that you have the products you need, it is important to remember these few tips to not overload those storage solutions with too much stuff, this will only result in more clutter!

When packing your bags, make sure you only take the essentials. Your space may be smaller than you anticipated, so try not bring too many clothes. If you find that you have more room once you get there, you can always go shopping or grab some extra items from home on your next break.

Make sure you devote one area to study. Keep all of your office supplies, textbooks and computer here. If you get up late one morning and need to grab your completed homework, it will make your life easier knowing exactly where it is!

Take advantage of vertical spaces- you may not have much horizontal space, but feel free to stack those shelves and boxes and bins to the ceiling to store your items. Having more floor space available will also make your space seem larger and more roomy.

Keep Your Dorm Organized
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