We’re in the thick of the holiday season, and this means you’re probably preparing for company to arrive. This means you’ve probably had to start pulling together a guest room, which typically leads to a lot of other stuff getting moved unceremoniously into the basement - home office stuff, exercise equipment, etc - in order to make room.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have that problem anymore? What if you could somehow maintain a guest room for company of the expected or unexpected varieties, all the while using that room for something else in the offseason without needing to do a ton of renovation every time?

One of 2017’s best organization trends we’ve come across is the rise of multipurpose guest rooms! A lot of guest rooms have been successfully reclaimed and used as something else, and all it requires is a little imagination on your part. Here’s a few of the more helpful tips and ideas for multipurpose guest rooms that we’ve come across:

Keep the bed compact: The quickest way to run out of space in a room and force yourself to commit to a guest bedroom is by bringing in a giant bed. So long as you don’t expect a ton of guests and the room is designed to accommodate it, you can easily keep your guest room usable for something else by keeping the bed small. Consider using a daybed against the wall instead to save on floor space, or if your room accommodates it, a Murphy bed (you know, those ones from old cartoons that press up against the wall) can help keep the bed out of the way when you’re not using it.

Work with what’s already in there: If your spare room has already become something else, instead of completely renovating everything, try to find ways to accommodate guests without evacuating the rest of the room. Keep a small sleeper sofa behind your home gym equipment, leave your home office furniture where it is to serve double-duty as dressers and nightstands, and try to find opportunities to just rearrange the room as it is instead of completely overhauling it.

Find furniture that can pull double-duty: On the other hand, if the room has started as a guest room, you’d do well to find furniture you can use in a number of situations. Bookcases can be substituted in very easily for nightstands or home office work, dressers can be used to store office supplies and gym equipment when not being used for clothes, and office desks or printer carts can absolutely be turned into end tables and makeup counters when company arrives, and then put right back to work when they leave.

Combine two ideas: Of course, if you really don’t need your guest room to be anything else due to having extra space elsewhere, you can still use a few extra feet of space in your guest room for something else. Got space for bookshelves? Use part of it as a library! Need a small space to keep your hobby, like musical equipment or crafting supplies? Take over the desk in the guest room until people arrive. The idea is to make the most of the space you have, but that doesn’t mean you need to force yourself to come up with some clever home gym/office/guest room/man cave combination all at once.

Got any other ideas for multipurpose guest rooms? Leave a comment below!