Every year our resolutions come and go. And every year you get excited about keeping your resolution and then it fades away. I will even bet that one of your top resolutions is to get organized and the same things always happens...
Well today is that day and I have some simple yet important tips to get and keep you organized for the year to come.

Use your space to it's full potential

Well all think that adding to a space will make things cluttered but using the right tools and you can get organized in no time. Make use of big items to add flair and empty wall space can be used to your advantage. Place a peg board, like above, to organize your items and to put them on display.
Maximize your pantry
I know we all might not have this big of a space but that does not mean you can't make the best with the room you have. Don't just throw things on the shelf, placing shapes together creates more space and placing the same product together makes for an easier time when trying to cook in a hurry. Labeling your items can go a long way too.

Situate all your important papers

Even if you hide it, we all have stacks of important papers somewhere with no organization in sight. To save yourself the headache of rummaging through the mess every time you need that one paper , purchase some binders or folders and start making piles. Keep what you want and recycle the rest. You would be amazed at the papers you don't need.

Get your closet in order

Unless you hang your clothes out the night before, you are getting up in the morning and searching for what to wear. A organized and clean closet can solve that problem and Organized Living can help you create the perfect one big or small. And because we all know how important resolutions are, you can even take 25% all Organized Living products for the rest of January. Happy New Year indeed!!!