If you find yourself holding a random household item and asking yourself where can I put this? only to resort to cramming it into an already too full drawer or closet, then you are in desperate need of some organization.

One of the most stressful things in household clean-up is trying to figure out where things should go. If you feel like there are not enough surfaces or spots in your home for your knickknacks, books, toiletries, clothes etc. Then you are in need of an some organizational solutions.

Not enough space for decorative items?
Collectible items, art or picture frames can add up fast. Perhaps a decorative shelf would best display your most prized possessions. Try Zen shelving or Glass Art Shelving for a unique look. Even Chrome Wire Shelving can function great for those die hard collectors who need more space to show off their assortments.

Is your closet a hopeless case?
Many closets lack one thing, space! Using a Elfa Closet Storage Solution will eliminate closet clutter for good! Place lower shelving for shoes and shirts, and pull out wire storage bins for socks and scarfs. You will be amazed by how fun getting dressed will become.

Not enough space for work, school or business items?
Books and papers can make your home look like a cluttered nightmare. Thankfully you can have a clear work space in no time with an Elfa desk or perhaps some wall mounted shelves. Finally having a spot for pens and paper can really help you think clearer and work better!

Bathroom lacking sufficient cabinet space?
You may be looking for some functional and really amazing stackable bins. It is hard to keep toiletries organized and there never seems to be enough room. Increase the size of your sink cabinet with Akro nesting bins. With these bins, keeping bathroom cleaners separate from hair products and shaving cream separate from hairbrushes will be no problem at all.

Kitchen storage a big a problem?
Cooking can be a hassle if everything you need is behind something or stacked underneath five others things. Maybe a gliding drawer would be the answer to your prayers. No longer reaching to the back of the cupboard, but simply pulling out an mini-glider and having everything in your eyes view. If it is the pantry that needs more room, maybe a mounted door kit would be that extra space you have been looking for.

Getting organized is easy and fun especially with so many different choices. With new shelving and storage perhaps next time you are cleaning up house, you will not be asking yourself Where can I put this? but saying happily, What can I put here?.