The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and even with football back on TV it’s getting to that time where even the most devoted local athletes have to start hanging up their sports gear.

Unless you’re part of a league (or the sort that plays a sport indoors such as hockey), you’re going to have to find somewhere to start keeping all your off-season sporting goods until the weather calms down and you need it again. Need a little advice or inspiration on where you’re putting it all? We thought you’d never ask:

Baseball Bats, Helmets, & Balls

The rain and cold that usually comes with October isn’t exactly beneficial to the dirt and clay of a baseball diamond, so it might be safe to say the season is over (unless you’re headed to an indoor batting cage or something). The easiest way to store any baseball gear is on a baseball bat rack with space for helmets and gloves, or those can be kept nearby in a plastic storage bin to save space. Your lucky ball can go in one of these bins too, or maybe just kept on your desk so someone at the office can ask you if you play baseball.

Basketball Balls & Jerseys

If you’ve got access to a court and want to keep sharp through the year you might not need to find too permanent a home for your basketball stuff, but whether you’re putting away the net in your driveway for the year or just want somewhere to keep your autographed Detroit Pistons ball, you’ve got options. Ball claws are a great way to store your lucky ball up and out of the way, and jerseys can either be hung in the closet or kept in a home locker to get into the spirit of things, such as it is.


Unless you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere that doesn’t get colder than 65° out, chances are volleyball season has been over for you for a little bit already. The aforementioned ball claws are a great way to store these, but if you have a few of them (or get into other sports in the meantime) then why not try a sports rack with bag to store all your volleyballs and hang up whatever else is taking up room in your garage currently?

Golf Bags

Golf bags - they’re bulky, they’re kind of loud when you move them, and there’s never a good place to keep them when you’re done with golf for the year. If you have some space on the wall in your garage or basement, try a golf bag rack to keep everything aligned and off the floor - and heck, you could call it a decoration if you wanted to

There’s always going to be more sports to be played and more stuff to be stored, so if you need even more ideas for off-season storage, check out our sports equipment storage options!