An extensive CD collection can sometimes get out of hand. CDs become lost and then show up again in random parts of your home, and when you want to actually find a specific album in your collection, it may take several minutes to locate the one you're looking for. If this sounds like your situation, you need to invest in an organizational unit to keep all your CDs in one spot.

Get yourself an elfa® Over Door Media Rack. Heck, why not buy a few to hold all of those unorganized CDs? It's the perfect solution! If you don't have a door to keep these racks, buy an elfa® CD & Video Storage Unit to create a wall hanging rack.

Once you have the unit set up, place your CDs in the racks. While you're doing this, alphabetize the collection either by title or artist. This will make it much easier when you want to find a specific CD in the future. It's easy to organize and store that out-of-control CD collection. You just need the right shelving units.