Today is Fat Tuesday, but did you know it's also Organize Your Home Office Day? Let us help you straighten up your home office, then go reward yourself with your favorite Paczki to celebrate a job well done.

The first area you should focus on when cleaning your home office is your desk. Your desk should be free from clutter, so when you sit down you have a clean area to work.

Organize your many papers and files scattered about your desk with a chrome wire document holder. It will save desk drawer space, and provide easy access to paperwork. This accessory easily attaches to any Chrome Wire Shelving Unit, and you should already have one in your home office to store binders, books and office supplies. Smaller office supplies such as pens and pencils will fit easily in a chrome wire accessory bin, saving more space on your desk.

Once everything in your home office is in the right place, you'll finish office tasks much more quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time for fun activities.

Now that your office is organized, go ahead and eat that Paczki. You deserve it!