All of the toys, clothes, sporting goods, and other items that accumulate in your child's bedroom or in the mud hall can be cleaned up and organized with the right storage units.

The best way that I have found to organize a room is by using chrome wire shelving because it is durable, virtually maintenance free, and stylish. Chrome wire shelving can act as the perfect unit to store all your child's books and toys.

Kid's love fun and color, so add a kid's locker into their space. Lockers are a great solution to storage problems because they come equipped with shelves for toys and hooks for clothes. Plus, the convenient door will conceal all the items inside.

For all of the smaller toys, boxes and bins are a great way to keep them from being scattered across the floor and easily stepped on. Akro stacking bins will hold everything, and save precious storage space by stacking on top of each other. You can also label the bins to quickly find what you or your child is looking for.

With these shelving solutions, I am confident that you can organize your child's room in no time. It's time to stop putting off organizing and start cleaning the clutter.

Keep Your Home Organized,
The Shelving Guy