We pride ourselves on being the home organizational experts, but we're also great at organizing work spaces too. It should be no surprise that we at The Shelving Store use our own products to keep our store, warehouse and offices organized!

One of our favorite products to use around the office is Chrome Wire Shelving- we use it everywhere! In our warehouse, we assembled a chrome wire shelving unit that serves as a storage area for extra printers and office supplies. We have built several chrome units that serve as computer desks as well. These shelving units are sturdy enough to handle the dust and dirt that can accumulate in our busy warehouse and the vented shelves simplify the cleaning process.

Many of our employees have built custom chrome wire shelving units to use near their desks as well. These custom shelving units are great for extra storage. Using the smaller units underneath their desks helps our employees securely store their personal belongings nearby while not taking up desk, drawer or floor space. Chrome wire document holders and utility baskets are great wire shelving add-ons our employees love to help keep papers and work organized.

Keep Your Home & Workplace Organized
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