Hello everyone and Happy Friday the 13th.

I bet your wondering "what the h-e-double hockey sticks" does that title mean. Well, if you look at the end of that crazy looking word and see 'phobia' you could probably deduce that it is a fear of something and since today is Friday the 13th, but two and two together and you get four, no you get someone who has a fear of this day.

But how do you even pronounce that word, it's para-skevide-deka-tria-phobia. For people who freak out on this day, you have three Friday the 13ths this year, normally we only have two, sorry. Another weird coincidence is that the time between the last Friday the 13th, April 13th and today is 13 weeks. So if there are people out there who are superstitious, I know I am or have a legit phobia, I have created a Friday the 13th survival kit for your salvation. And guess's wire shelves.

 Now let's get down to business. If you need a place to feel safe, then buying, building and burrowing inside one of our metal shelving units will bring a sense of solace to your life. You could get a two shelf kit for your dog or cat to hide in but then they would not be with you and that's just silly.  You need to go bigger and you should probably listen to me because I am an authority on hiding from vampires, goons, murders and Jason.

I suggest you get at least a 24"depth four shelf kit, that way you have plenty of space and so does your dog or cat. You can also invite others, if you want them to survive and put them on a different shelf.

Now you may be asking yourself, how am I gonna survive this horrible day being open to the elements? Well, I'm glad you asked, at The Shelving Store we have shelving enclosures for you to hide easily.  Choose the black or blue liners so no one will see you inside.

You can even add shelf liners, because I don't think hiding out on the ventilated shelves will be comfortable.

Once you have assembled the shelves, you can feel safe knowing that mysterious creatures and bad things won't happen to you, unless Jason is already in your survival kit.  See I didn't think that far ahead so I can't help you there and he's gonna get you.

So have a great day and don't be scared, the day is almost over with and The Shelving Store tried to save your life.