We'd invite you all to come and strut your stuff, but it already happened. We didn't want you crashing our exclusive event only to be upstaged by our chic shelving units. Don't feel bad. You're beautiful in your own right, but do you sparkle like chrome finish on a white background?

Mesmerizing, isn't it? Beautiful and delicate, yet rated for over 600 lbs when in shelf form. All it took was a genius photographer and some expert equipment to bring out the inner light.

That's right: an amazing display of lighting equipment, professional rigging, and a wall of white just to isolate the awesomeness that is the shelving bracket. Do you see it in there? That little thing mounts on any wall to put the goods on display. Workin' it, girl. Photo shoot style.

If you think we'd coordinate a whole day of photography based on one of our many glorious items, we'd think you're about as impractically obsessed with shelving as we are. Unfortunately, market factors meant we had to spend a little time with a lot of different products. Fortunately, that means we didn't have to choose a favorite and make the others feel bad.

The only thing is, that's just one of our many proofs from the shoot. If you're interested in the glamorous world of photography, you might look around our site and consider how well lit the subject is, the composition of the frame, and the beauty that is chrome wire shelving. Stay tuned as we bring you some high definition pictures of new products and specially designed kits.

Hint: hope you like drinking wine.