Over the years we’ve tried to show you all of the different uses for home shelving and wire shelving and how they can improve your life (not to oversell it), from bathroom storage to kitchen storage and everything in between.


But one of the most impressive parts of home shelving is just how versatile and useful it can be. No matter what size your home is you’ll probably always need some extra shelves to hang onto your stuff, and there’s always the fear of running out of room. But not to worry! The Shelving Store is here with five new unexpected, surprising, or not-thought-of areas to keep some shelves and get your life organized in all-new ways. Read on…if you’re feeling adventurous!


Look Over The Bathroom Door

Bathrooms can never have enough storage, right? Especially if you have a lot of people in your home, stuff can start piling up pretty quickly. An easy solution is to hang some wall mounted shelves up over the bathroom door, if you have space. It’s a good way to keep something like towels or extra cleaning supplies up out of the way, and it frees up plenty of space on other, slightly closer storage solutions for stuff you might need a bit more often.


Window Storage (And Not The Computer Kind)

While it might be sort of counter-intuitive, there’s actually a lot of ways to use windows to your advantage to get a few extra shelves up in your home. Particularly if you have sturdier bay windows with available sides, hanging up some glass shelves is a great way to display your plants or collectibles with open glass shelving to let the light keep coming through. Try to leave the floor open to have space underneath to store something else (or let your pets frolic around without knocking things over), but otherwise shelve as much as they can hold!


Bedside Manner

For a long time, nightstands and end tables have been the storage solution of choice for people that need to set down their book or drinks during bed time, but if you’re a little pressed for space and still need to increase your storage capacity, putting a small shelf on your wall right above your bed gives you a perfect and convenient place to keep your glasses, phone, or whatever else you need right nearby when you wake up.


Over and Under the Stairs

Staircases – basically everyone has them, and the space around them can be a perfect spot to put some shelves up! Get some wood shelves and arrange them vertically following the stairs to maximize your room and provide well-aligned space to display pictures and knicknacks, hang onto things, or…you know, whatever else you use shelves for! The area under your stairs is an ideal area for some more heavy-duty shelving for things like books, winter coats, or whatever slightly heavier items you have to tuck away.


Use Your Corners

Most people tend to focus on making sure shelves are always within reach. This makes sense, of course – what’s the point of having shelves if you can’t get stuff off them, right? But for items you don’t always need to get down as frequently, like old books, toys that your kids haven’t played with in forever, and the like, higher-mounted shelves are a perfect and easy solution! Line the shelves around the top of your room to keep everything in sight but up and out of the way, and allows you to make the most of that vertical space that a lot of homes don’t use.


Hopefully these got your creativity going, and you can find even more unique shelving spaces to help your home make the most of the space it offers!