Your bedroom says a lot about you; after all, it's probably the room in which you spend most of your time. So when buying bedroom furniture, it should fit your personality. Take this quiz to find out which collection best melds with your personal style!

1) My bedroom is...

a. a peaceful escape from the chaos that is my life.

b. Bedroom? Oh, you mean my closet with a mattress...

c. stylish and and espresso are my bffs.

d. simple and cozy. You'll find grandma's quilt on my bed and candles on the dresser.

2) One piece of clothing I cannot live without is my...

a. yoga pants.

b. favorite pair of jeans (I even got them on sale!).

c. designer heels.

d. cowboy boots.

3) I often dream of...

a. flying!

b. winning the lottery.

c. being famous. It's just a matter of time, really.

d. traveling.

4) If I could vacation anywhere it would be...

Note: the outdoors may not love you back.

a. Japan. A meditation retreat sounds nice right about now.

b. Costa Rica...the dollar goes a long way there!

c. France. Do I get hypothetical shopping money too??

d. Australia. I love the outdoors.

5) If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do is...

a. quit my job!

b. pay off my debts.

c. go on a shopping spree.

d. buy my dream home in the country.

If you answered...

Mostly As: Avanti Collection
Life may be hectic, but you take it in stride by harnessing your inner zen. That's why you're Avanti, a minimalistic line with a simple, calm facade. Like this dresser, you may have a lot clutter in your life, but you sure do hide it well!

Mostly Bs: Edenvale Collection
You're smart with your money and won't spend your hard-earned cash on just anything. That's why you're Edenvale, a budget-friendly line that packs a lot of bang for your buck...and a lot of clothes, for that matter!

Mostly Cs: Designer Collection
You're all about keeping up with the latest trends, which makes you the Designer. With vogue finishes and modern chrome pulls, this collection is almost as chic as you! Would you keep your brilliant wardrobe in anything less?

Mostly Ds: Monterey Collection
You're a little bit country...just like Monterey. This collection has a traditional look with warm and inviting color choices. Though it's certainly a classic, dark pewter knobs and scalloped base panel make the Monterey anything but ordinary, just like you!