Overwhelmed by the scope of a home makeover? Staring down the barrel of a budget blaster is enough to shake anyone's nerves, but renovations don't have to cost an arm and a leg. We're here to give you some easy tips for redoing a room, and prove how quick and easy it was... with pictures!

First thing that you'll want to do in a home renovation is clean house. But why shower if I'm just going to get dirty again?! Well, eat your vegetables and we'll tell you: it's because you're going to encounter a lot of household clutter in the mean time. Having a pre-clean plan helps to make the final touches that much easier (and more final). Depending on how much you'll have to remove, you may be able to contact a few local treasure hunters to pay you for your bounty.

Roadshows. They Happen.

Once you get paid for some of those old treasures (thank you, Craigslist!) you'll have a bit of spending cash and a bit more room. Should you invest that money in contractors and designers? Goodness, no! Use that dough to get paint, a brush, and some inexpensive items from TheShelvingStore.com, like our Umbra bulletboard.

A lot of blogs advertise easy remodeling tips but don't show results. Well, we're here to challenge all of those imposters with some genuine, fresh, proprietary shelving material. We're sure because we built it and used our phones to blog about it like teenagers.

See, we used to have this behemoth closet that was really pretty, but taking up too much space.

We wanted to turn it into something else because we plan on hiring some new employees soon. So what'd we do? Sold it on craigslist, used the money to buy paint, and added our own unique twist.

 See the Umbra bulletboard? There's also a Umbra Hookaboo in Natural across the doorway. So we put some funky fresh colors, repurposed an old chair, and put some classic garage sale photos on the wall

For our space, we needed to create an office environment. Doing that was simple since a desk is nothing but an overstated shelf! We used a 24"d x 48"w chrome wire shelf to create a workspace and three 14"d x 24"w chrome wire shelves to create a small filing cabinet next to the desk. The next trick, and this is the most important part, is to get the right size shelving liner for your chrome wire desk to make a perfectly smooth, stable workspace that can support up to 300 lbs.

 And there you have it: from closet to office is no time flat! Save some time, effort, and cash by consulting the storage professionals at The Shelving Store. Visit us online or come check out our show room at 1444 E 11 mile Madison Heights, MI 48071.