Did you know The Shelving Store can also help businesses with their storage needs? It's true, we help many small and large businesses with their organization and storage needs every day.

In fact, we recently helped a local title company more efficiently store boxed documents and records. Banker Boxes are often heavy and come in many sizes, so strength and flexibility were crucial requirements for this project. We suggested strong and customizable chrome wire shelving!

We utilized 96" high round chrome posts and 30" deep chrome wire shelves so the 15" deep boxes could be stacked two deep. These shelves are adjustable and sturdy, able to hold the weight of these 40 pound boxes. As you can see, the boxes are stored safely and neatly for an effective and organized record area. All the records are easily accessible too.

If you need assistance with a shelving project let us know. We've been providing shelving solutions for 51 years, and we'd love to help you too.