1. You’re our customer and you’re always right. Let us exceed your expectations.
  2. We offer variety. Our vendor partnership agreements are diverse – we carry a broad range of products and we don’t compensate on quality. Ever.
  3. We don’t hire employees, we hire experts. That means that you can rely on our customer service and know that you’re getting genuine information.
  4. We've been in the business since 1960, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Bring us a problem and we can fix it. We can handle anything.
  5. We back our products and use them throughout our entire store. We store our wire shelving products on our wire shelving products.
  6. We give back to our community by giving 10 percent of our income to not for profit charities that help people less fortunate.
  7. We’re a green company. We understand that we live in a fragile environment and we do all we can to reduce or carbon footprint. We’ve switched to compact fluorescent lights, and we recycle our paper and our cardboard materials; we also only print when necessary.
  8. We listen to your reviews and want to implement your ideas. Talk to us. Write us a review.
  9. High quality products at affordable prices. We do all we can to provide you with the best products we can find and at the most affordable price we can offer. If you can find the exact same product elsewhere we will beat the price, guaranteed.
  10. We care about you and your concerns. We listen, we learn, and if we make a mistake, then we will absolutely correct it. We go to work each day to earn your business, trust and goodwill. When you contact us, then you get a person who cares deeply about customer service. You’re our focus.

 Let us have an opportunity to serve you. We're Michigan’s premier wire shelving store.