Garages are often a breeding ground for messes. Anything you don't want in the house ends up in the garage- from muddy shoes and sports uniforms and old children's toys. Garages also store important household maintenance supplies, such as chemicals, paints, hardware supplies, tools and yard tools. With all this stuff, it's hard to get started organizing your garage. But The Shelving Store is here with brand new garage storage solutions to help organize your garage for good! This fall is the perfect time to get that Garage organized, ensuring you can comfortably fit your vehicle in the garage when the winter weather hits!

Many of our Garage Storage Products easily attach to the walls, opening up valuable floor space. Our Schulte FreedomRail Garage Systems offer a variety of hooks and hangers such as The Big Tool Rack, The Everything Hook, and The Work Hook to hang and organize all of your tools and yard supplies such as rakes and shovels. Schulte GO Boxes are great to organize supplies and accessories, such as tool boxes, paint cans, and seasonal items.

In addition to Schulte Garage Products, we also offer The Art Of Storage Products. The Art of Storage Products include a full line of Garage Storage items such as bike and utility racks, as well as shelving units for your Garage.

Keep Your Garage & Home Organized
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