The economy has certainly brought its share of challenges to people throughout the country. Many have been forced to downsize and simplify their lives. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the things that bring you comfort. We, at The Shelving Store, can help you creatively store your treasures, display your collectibles and organize your necessities.

It is often as simple as “thinking vertically”, as one of our customer did. Linda from Texas, who loves to scrapbook and lives by the motto, "Eat, Drink, Sleep, Scrap", found herself facing the challenges of a smaller space, but longed to keep all of the scrapbooks she has created since 1992, within reach for her and her grandchildren. She purchased and assembled a chrome wire shelving unit. Linda purchased six (6) 12” x 24” shelves and spaced them evenly to maximize the storage capacity using 84” high posts. Linda marveled at how easy the shelves were to assemble and shared the fact that “…the space saved is remarkable and I know it will last for years to come!” Shelf liners maximize the ease of removing and replacing each scrapbook. She also could use shelf ledges and shelf dividers on each shelf to prevent the books from falling over.

How have you used our shelving or storage products to improve your life? Send us your photos and your story and we will add it to our blog, so that others can take advantage of new ideas on how to maximize their space!

Thank you, Linda, for your great ideas!