Specialty Shelving

  1. Rainy Day Projects To Keep In Mind This Summer

     Summer is usually people’s favorite time to get big projects done around the house thanks to the nice weather and extra sunlight - when the rain can hold off, that is.

     It seems like a lot of the country has gotten a little more rain than usual lately, and even if you’re not exactly facing down flood conditions the rain can still put a big damper on your home projects.

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  2. Organization For Returning College Students

    It’s summertime, and that means the kids are home from school - including your college students.

    The break between semesters can be pretty long, and if your college-aged kids aren’t involved in any summer classes (or if their school doesn’t offer them) they’re probably going to want to spend their time back at home to see their friends and not have to think about homework, or where they can do their laundry.

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  3. Stylish (And Easy) Ways To Conceal Electronics

    If there’s one thing every home seems to have a ton of these days, it’s cables and cords everywhere.

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  4. Organizing For Summer Activities

    At least for the kids, the best thing summer brings is the chance to get outside and do stuff!

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  5. How To Organize (And Display) A Record Collection

    As surprised as most of our parents are to see it come back, vinyl collecting (and that’s vinyl as in records, not vinyl as in siding) is huge right now!

    Whether you’re doing it for nostalgia, because you’re one of those people that claims it sounds better (and it might!), or maybe you just want a slightly more personal touch to buying music that iTunes just can’t provide, record collections are back in a way that we haven’t seen since the mid-80s sometime.

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