With Easter quickly approaching parents are searching for the perfect Easter gifts for their children! A popular gift for children this Easter has been our spring colored lockers - now in new colors! Kids will love these fun lockers, and it will help parents with spring cleaning, because children will gladly clean up their stuff and put it in their locker.

Melissa shared this with us around Christmas time, explaining how the lockers were a perfect gift. Now with Easter approaching, we thought we would share it on the blog in case you are looking for a last minute Easter surprise!

"I ordered 2 mini blue lockers for my boys ages 8 and 5 for Christmas and I just wanted to let you know that of all of the gazillion things they received from us, grandparents and santa that these are the absolute favorites! They've already decorated them w/ magnets and drawings etc. Everything cherished goes into to those lockers. Boy, what a hit! Thanks, I'm so glad I ordered them!"

Hoppy Easter everyone!