When it is time to send the kids off to college for the first time, or just setting them up in their first apartments, parents know that space is limited. At The Shelving Store, we have helped lots of parents get their kids ready for college dorm living with our stylish and functional storage solutions.

Amidst the holiday lights that outline the retro movie posters taped to the wall, there's plenty of room for elegant decor. Our Leo Shelves with Wicker Baskets create a classic look in the dingiest dorm, freeing up space while creating covered storage. Students can store their personal items, clothes, and books out of sight using little floorspace. With an attractive espresso finish, this durable storage space will prove a memorable keepsake in the transition from dorm to first apartment to graduation. An inexpensive heirloom, these cocoa colored wicker baskets would be a thoughtful gift for the college kid in your life.

If your college bound kid tends towards minimalism, you might consider chrome as a different decoration. Our chrome wire shelves are strong enough to handle the abuse of dorm life, even when appliances aren't. Not only are they versatile enough to find a spot in any room, but they are a great way of creating more space in small dorm rooms. By letting in light, these wire shelves cast less shadow and keep those dorm rooms bright. When you go to visit, you won't need to do any dusting because the ventilated platforms don't gather dust! This kit will also stand the test of time and last long after the graduate-housing stage.

We have tons of other products to help college kids get organized on campus too. When it comes to college dorms, trust the Shelving Store for stylish storage solutions students and parents can appreciate!

Keep your home organized,

The Shelving Guy