1. Off-Season Sports Equipment Storage

    The weather is changing, the days are getting shorter, and even with football back on TV it’s getting to that time where even the most devoted local athletes have to start hanging up their sports gear.

    Unless you’re part of a league (or the sort that plays a sport indoors such as hockey), you’re going to have to find somewhere to start keeping all your off-season sporting goods until the weather calms down and you need it again. Need a little advice or inspiration on where you’re putting it all? We thought you’d never ask:

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  2. Uses Around The Home For Ladder Style Shelving

    Before we get started, let’s get something totally clear. When we say ladder shelves, we’re not actually talking about ladders with shelves on them. We’re talking about these:

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  3. What is freedomRail?

    freedomRail is the ideal solution to make use of wall space to organize your life from your closet to your office. With just a few screws, you can have a custom wall storage solution, available in a variety of shades and styles.

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  4. Glass Shelving Decoration & Safety Tips

    Glass shelves are a look that’s managed to hang around for a long time. Once considered the cutting edge of home design for modern houses (and the high price tag that came along with it), they’ve become an affordable, stylish, and durable option for anyone looking to add a bit of organization to their home that doesn’t clash with the existing decor.

    Of course, these come with their own decoration and installation dos & don’ts just like every other kind of home shelving, so if you’re looking to install glass shelves in your house and want to do it safely, or if you just want some ideas on how (and where) they can be used, read on:

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  5. The Four Corners: How To Use The Corners In Your Home

    Consider, if you will, the corner.

    Every room has one - in fact, most of them have at least four. They’re inescapable and largely inoffensive, and yet people never seem to consider them highly. Being “sent to the corner” was considered a punishment in the olden days, and a lot of people consider anything left in the corner of a room to be forgotten and discarded, collecting dust until the next garage sale rolls around. 

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