It is summer and that means that your living space will be expanding to include your front and back lawn. You will still have to clean up the living room, kitchen and bath, but now you can add the yard to the to-do list. Here are 5 summer organization tips that will help you spend less time cleaning up and more time relaxing in the sun.

1. The lawn-mower, weed whacker, and hedge trimmer are going to get used just about every week now that warm weather and sunshine are in the forecast. Having a designated place to keep them is key. A sleek and functional utility rack with hooks to hang things like rakes and brooms and other outdoor tools will help free space on the floor and make finding things a lot easier. If you’re a gardener, a small carrying case for your tools will be very handy and keep your tools clean.

2. Childrens toys can make your lawn look chaotic. Get a large storage bin with a lid for all the toys to go in once children are done playing with them. This will keep toys protected from rain and bugs. Make sure your kids know where it is and that all things must be put back once they are finished playing. Stackable bins are also a great idea, especially for keeping certain toys separate.

3. Lots of outdoor play can mean lots of indoor clean up. Be sure you have a large mat for wiping feet at each door entrance. A shoe tray can be helpful for the shoes that are soaked or caked with mud. Don’t forget that clothing can get just as dirty. Keeping a umbra crunch can near the door most often used is a great idea.

4. Summer usually means you now have two dining rooms, the one indoors and the one on the patio outside. If you have cushioned chairs and benches, having plastic bins to throw them in each night will be a big life saver especially if rain is expected.

5. Maintaining the Barbeque is something that many of us forget to do. Before the grilled season begins, make sure your grill is clean and ready. Spraying a no-heat oven cleaner inside and letting it set for a day will help soften the grime. Use a metal brush to scrape away the grease and food from the grill. A great way to prevent build-up on grills is to spray your grill with a non-stick skillet spray before heating.

So, Grab the family and get started preparing for another great summer. With these helpful tips your summer will be relaxing and worry free.