I’m really sorry about that. These shelves are so gnarly that they’ve overwhelmed my ability to think creatively. As a result, my mind has unfortunately reverted to a state where it can only produce content filled with cheesy surfing cliches.

I grew up in Michigan: we do lakes, not oceans. So needless to say, I am not a surfer. Like many other coast-deficient Americans, I’m left to believe that surfers say silly things like “cowabunga” and “totally tubular.”

A traditional Alaia board made by Dana Surfboards

You don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate the workmanship in these shelves. This isn’t some mass-produced Chinese import made with particleboard and laminate. Dana surfboard shelves are made in the style of a surfboard by someone actually who produces real surfboards. 

Redwood Surfboard Tail Shelf

But it’s more than just the workmanship – it’s the authenticity. Unlike my surfer vocabulary, these boards are completely authentic, not just in their construction, but also in their spirit. If there’s anything that I understand about surfing, it’s that it’s a lifestyle as much as it is an activity.

5′ Redwood Surfboard Shelf

Dana shelves are produced a mile away from the beach by a man who lives for surfing. It’s not just a business to Dana, it’s a passion. You see this passion in the beautiful detailing, the hand-selection of the wood, and the individual care put into each and every shelf.

Every one of Dana’s shelves are unique, just look at the fins!

So dude, hang 10…of these wonderful shelves, that is.