Now, I love working for Shelving, Inc., but my job entails a whole lotta sitting at a desk and staring at a computer. If you're anything like me, sitting for long periods of time makes your posture akin to a limp noodle. I can't help but feel the pounds piling on due to the hours of inevitable inactivity.

Apparently, studies have shown that the more time you spend sitting a day, the more likely you are to have a chronic ailment like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Now, this is regardless of bmi or how much you exercise. Experts say that it's best to sit for under 3 hours a day. But how do you get around sitting all day when you work at a desk job?

Try a standing desk. I did!

See, at Shelving, Inc. we have desks made from freedomRail shelving. Basically, you have rails that run the height of the wall and you can attach brackets for shelves, desktops, and drawers anywhere you need them.

I transformed my desk into a standing desk by simply removing the shelf and desktop and then raising the brackets. At first I was nervous that standing all day would just be awful and I would want to sit, but I knew I could easily change my desk back if need be. My other worry was that I would look or feel strange just standing there at my computer while everyone else sits. 

The first day my legs and back were fine, but my feet hurt quite a bit. I ended up sitting after about 3/4 of my work day. I bought a nice foam mat to stand on (~$55) and started wearing slippers or socks instead of shoes, which really made a difference. And as for feeling weird about standing, the truth is the more I stand, the more that it just feels natural.

I've been at it for a month now. It took around a week to get to the point where I could stand the entire day. My feet were hurting for about 3 weeks (even with the mat), but just lifting them up and doing little exercises while I'm working alleviated the pain. I feel much more awake and productive, completing even the most monotonous tasks on a Monday morning without a single yawn. 

How to make your own standing desk

Even if you don't have a freedomRail setup like me, you can easily transform your desk into a standing desk by adding small shelves to your desktop. You want your arms to be at a 90% angle to the keyboard. Depending on how tall you are, you can raise your keyboard and mouse with a piece of wood or a short shelf.

With another shelf, raise your monitor to eye level. That's it! It's super inexpensive and can really improve your health and productivity.

If you work from home, try this adjustable standing desk by Safco or try freedomRail like me! It's currently 25% off this month so if there's ever a time to buy, it's now. Take a stand! I'm really glad I did.