Anyone who has ever prepared the Thanksgiving feast knows that the days and hours leading up to dinner are nerve-racking. There is soooo much planning, shopping, measuring, chopping and cleaning and never enough time and what if something goes wrong???

Thankfully with a little organization and shelving you can get dinner on the table without a hitch. A just to show you how important they are, here are a few outcomes of Thanksgiving without shelves and organization.

Beware... the images you are about to see are your worst Thanksgiving nightmares and may invoke crying!!!

 The flying turkey and kooky family

There is nothing worse than a beautifully cooked turkey going sky-diving without a parachute. Not to mention the devious family member. A little organization would have come in handy here.
The burning turkey and botched oven

I'm not sure if she is screaming or if her face always looks like that but either way a turkey on fire means no food on the table. Only if she had an oven with proper metal shelving!!!
The attack of the K-9
They may be a man's best friend but the second you put an entire table full of food within 50 feet of their nose and you're in trouble. A 72" of taller wire shelving unit would certainly keep the food safe in this case.
 An oven disaster
This is a prime example of how ventilated shelving can backfire but having enough bake-ware could have made all the difference. Planning and organization is key for Thanksgiving. 
When there's no shelf space left
You never want to rest the turkey on your head, just ask Monica!!! Make sure you have planned and organized to have a place for the turkey.