So you meant to do your spring cleaning a couple months ago, but it is still one of the looming items on your ever growing to-do list. Well, here at The Shelving Store, we are experts on home organization and we have 3 simple steps to help get your spring organization tasks scratched off your list for good!

1.) Make a list- we know you can do it! You have a million to-do lists in your head right? Simply write down the areas of your home that need organizing and what items you need to help you do it, for example, storage boxes and shelving units

2.) Go Shopping- but do not forget your shopping list on your kitchen table this time. Purchase only the items on your list that you need to get organized- no impulse buying more items you have no place to put!

3.) Get To Work- Turn on some of your favorite tunes, and start cleaning- you can even get your kids to help you out! Only organize one room at a time so you can actually see your progress. Soon your clutter will be turned into clean in almost no time!

Congratulations! You now have an organized home, and something else scratched off your to-do list, so now you can move on to something you really do not want to tackleĀ….like the dishes.