We know we tend to talk about home organization a lot – let’s be honest, it’s kind of our thing, right? But we do it because we care! Home organization is something everyone struggles with sometimes, no matter what size their family or where they live, and keeping a clean home can feel like a never-ending project sometimes.

“If it’s that much trouble”, you might be asking, “why bother? My house is just going to get messy again.” And while that may be true, there’s actually a lot of upsides to keeping a nice, organized home – including health benefits! Don’t believe us? Just check out a few of these examples below to see just how helpful an organized home can be:


Boosting Your Energy: Clean, organized homes have been shown in studies to actually lead to a more energetic lifestyle. People with less messy homes are found to be less sluggish and unmotivated, and even spending just a few minutes tidying up can actually be shown to give you a boost of energy if you find yourself feeling sluggish during the day. Taking a little time to get organized can help you work more energetically through the rest of your day and keep you feeling inspired!


Better Eating Habits: Studies have been performed that show a cluttered desk or kitchen can actually lead to you choosing less healthy meal options, such as preferring chocolate and chips to fruit and pretzels. Get some kitchen organization or desk organizers to keep your various work spaces clean and keep you in the mood for slightly healthier options!


Boost Your Productivity: Research reported by the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that a cluttered work area can actually overstimulate your visual cortex and interfere with your brain’s ability to process information. De-cluttering your work area, whether a desk, a workbench, or whatever else you use, can help you stay focused, engaged, and productive – which can lead to you getting done earlier, and isn’t that always a good feeling?


Better Sleep: This might be one of the most surprising facts on this list, but decluttering the bedroom can lead to better and more restful sleep! This is brought on by a few things: firstly, keeping your bedroom decluttered avoids overstimulating yourself and preventing sleep, much the same way keeping your work area clean keeps you focused – experts suggest moving things out of your bedroom and keeping your bedroom furniture organized and tidy to prevent clutter and chaos. Furthermore, it’s also recommended that you try to avoid bringing work into the bedroom with you, such as unpaid bills and homework, to avoid increasing your anxiety and preventing a more restful sleep.


Reduce Stress and Depression: We’ve touched on this one in some other blog articles about organization and stress but it really is a huge benefit to keeping a tidy home. By keeping everything you need right where you need it to be, you can reduce stress and keep yourself happy and focused on the things you need to get done, not tracking down a bunch of lost doo-dads.


So the next time you’re feeling stressed out or run-down, maybe try tidying up a bit! You never know, it might be just what you needed to shake the blues off!