We are taught from a young age to share: sharing is caring. But sharing a bathroom is possibly one of the most difficult areas to allocate, especially when the ages of occupants vary. Elfa® bathroom kits are an excellent solution to separating everyone's hygiene essentials. The customization of elfa® drawers let you to choose from a variety of heights and depths based on your specific needs.

Prevent careless towel dropping with the umbra peel over-the-door hooks. These racks come in various sizes, allowing you to hang up to five towels at once. Plus, the brushed nickel displays a contemporary look that instantly updates any bathroom.

Add Chrome Wire Shelving Units to your bathroom for plenty of storage for towels, toiletries, and more. The many depths and sizes of Chrome Wire Shelving makes it easy to add more storage space in a small area.

Use bathrooms small size to your advantage. With small quarters, even minor changes are noticeable. When creating the perfect bathroom, it is important to first identify your personal needs. Then, you will be able to distinguish valuable products that will enhance your living space.