In this homage to the home-age, we will provide you with the clever and stylish looks created by one of our favorite customers, Theresa R. We've seen her name come across our desk so many times, we just had to reach out and see how she was using all of this chrome wire shelving in her house! Well, thanks to some audience participation, we have three pictures that will show you exactly how wire shelving is perfect for any room in your home.

1. Narrow Space? Narrow storage!

Whether you're living in a small apartment or you have just have a home with the architectural style that enjoys narrow crevices and odd spaces, we have the sizes that will fit right where you need them. We certainly put space to work, making sure you have storage for the things you need where you need them.

2. Handy Organizer for Specialty Products!

If you have a collection of products that are all related yet have highly specialized uses, you want to keep them together, but maintain organization. That's why Theresa R. has created a storage system with our wire shelves and some decorative bins, to effectively manage the inventory of her fragrant soaps! This business theory can be applied to cleaning products, children's toys, linens, and anything else you keep in your house. Store specialty products in the same location, but give each a specific home.

3. Accent Decor!


This picture had to be bigger because it's just so cool! Theresa decided that she loved our shelves because they can be customized to fit your storage needs, but wanted to spruce up the place with some lively decorations. Her first stop was, of course, to the 18"d 5 tier Wire Shelving Kit page where she got a shelf that would fit her rockin' stereo. Next, she made her way over to a local department store where she picked up some metal frames that were cut into the shape of wildlife in natural settings. A very slick look, these shelves now bring a bit of flare into the revitalized living room.

And there you have it, three helpful tips on how you can utilize wire racks to add to your home storage. Use them in a squeeze, keep the place clean, and make it look great with SI brand Wire Shelves. Special thanks to Theresa for allowing us to show off her gorgeous decor. We'd love to see how you use your wire racks! Maybe you, too, could get deep discounts like Theresa! Just email your pictures to with "How I use wire shelves" in the subject and you'll see some savings in your future.