In today’s society, bigger is better and space is a necessity. However, not everyone has the luxury of a huge house with a big and open kitchen. Some of us are stuck in a cramped apartment with 20 cats or in a little house you are renting with five other people or you may just have a tiny kitchen and feel as if you can’t do anything about it. But you can!! 

1. Surface Space

Our friend Jenny recently bought a nice little cottage for her and her family to enjoy during these hot summer months. And when I say little, I mean it. The entire kitchen consisted of a tiny sink in the corner of a room and there was literally no counter space whatsoever. However, with her creativity and our wire shelving, Jenny was able to make that tiny little kitchen into a cute space where she can entertain guests and whip up some delicious summer snacks. 
Can you find the sink?
As you can see Jenny was able to double, maybe even triple, her storage space with just a couple of 3 shelf wire shelving units. With a variety of sizes, these units will work in any kitchen of any size, instantly providing more storage for your pots, pans, and your favorite snacks (fish fingers and custard). And by adding in the butcher block tops, she was able to create like a bazillion times more surface space that can also work as a cutting board or prep area, while still looking quite fashionable. With just a few units of wire shelving, Jenny was able to transform this tiny kitchen into a nice place to cook up some summer grub.

2. Captain Hook: Friend Not Foe

For Jenny, the problem was no storage space. But what if you have quite a bit of storage space but just too much stuff?! Well most people may just tell you to just throw what you don’t need away.  But what if you want to keep it all? Don’t worry! We can help!! I know what it’s like to have too much stuff and not enough space, it is like the definition of my life. I am constantly just trying to cram everything into tiny spaces so I don’t have to get rid of anything. So if you are like me, we may have a solution.

As you can tell, this individual has A LOT of pots and pans and there is NOTHING wrong with that! Through the use of some wall mounted wire shelves and a few utility hooks, they were able to organize and show off their impressive collection. They were able to keep everything while still keeping their kitchen visually appealing. It’s a win win win!

3. Outer Space

Stuff, stuff, stuff. It never leaves you alone and always always always finds a way back into your life. In terms of the kitchen, it seems to be a problem for pots and pans. They are so big and bulky and difficult to store that they may end up just taking up and consuming your counter top. But not anymore! 

If you have just a tiny little nook in or near your kitchen, you could transform it into the awesome-est storage space ever! With the help of a single wire shelving unit, this individual was able to store and organize all of their utilities in an appealing way. With a large variety of heights and widths, there is a unit that will be able to fit nearly any space you may have. Imagine how much counter and storage space they are saving! By taking advantage of an outer space such as this, you can just imagine how much it would open up your kitchen, giving you more room to do what you love, whether that be playing with cats, dancing like a mad man, or just eating all the food you possibly can until you can’t eat anymore.