You have made the decision to get organized…congratulations, your house will thank you! But now you actually have to figure out what you need and we are here to lend a helping hand.

Wire shelving is the perfect vessel to store and organize everything in your home but there are so many sizes, heights and configurations, how do you pick the perfect one?

First things first, you need to decide which configuration will give you the most space. We have numerous options to choose from:

  • The standard wire shelving unit
  • Corner shelving units
  • Wall mounted wire shelving
  • Specialty wire shelving


Within each option there are numerous sizes to pick from. Our standard wire shelving has the most size options with over 44 size shelves and 13 post sizes. You simply measure your space, (depth, width and height) and find the closest corresponding size of our pre-designed kits. You may also design your own using our extra wire shelves section and four pack post section. We can also cut our post to any desired length for a small charge of $3.50 per post.

The corner shelving units come in three different configurations; triangle, radius and pentagon. The units come in our most popular size depths (18″d and 24″d) to help customers make the most out of a corner space in their home.

Our wall mounted wire shelving comes in various sizes but you first must decide if you want the shelves mounted directly to the wall or you want them adjustable. If they are directly mounted then you can’t move the shelves but the adjustable means just that; you can move shelves up and down on the post that are mounted to the wall. Our kits come with the brackets of your desired depth, shelves and either walls plates (mounted directly) or post kits for adjustable.

We also have wire shelves that are designed specifically to hold wine bottles that you can either create a unit or have wall mounted wine shelves.


Our specialty wire shelving  has everything you need to help organize your kitchen and bedroom. Our bakers racks are ideal for storing and using the butcher block as a cooking space. You can choose from our wardrobe kits to hang and store your clothes in different sizes to fit in your closet or in tight spaces.

Wire shelving is durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, so it’s no wonder why everyone is using it to create more space in their homes. We hope that when picking a unit theses helpful tips come in handy.