Another holiday season has come to an end and it’s time to pack up all those treasured Christmas decorations and put them away. While it’s always fun to get your decorations out and decorate your home, trying to pack the decorations back up again when it’s over is a little bit more challenging. If you’re not careful, ornaments and decorations can get damaged or broken or you might accidentally make it harder for yourself to decorate next year. Here are a few helpful hints for keeping your decorations safe and nicely organized until next year.

Protecting Delicate Ornaments

Keeping your ornaments safe is by far one of the biggest challenges in storing holiday decor. Many ornaments are very fragile and need special care. While you can buy special padded ornament cases, things like egg cartons and cut-up cardboard tubes can also help protect your ornaments and are much less expensive. If your ornaments don’t fit in those types of containers, you can wrap them in bubble wrap and store them in boxes padded with shredded newspaper, pages from old magazines, or even torn up wrapping paper.



It seems like everyone has horror stories about having to spend ages trying to untangle their holiday lights. To avoid going through this every year, simply wrap strands of lights around something large and cylindrical like an empty coffee can. When it’s time to decorate next year, your lights will be ready to go with no untangling required.


Edible Decorations

Did your kids make a new ornament or decoration at school or daycare that was made using some something edible like macaroni? To prevent these types of decorations from attracting pests, put them in a resealable bag and keep them in a container that’s harder to get into like an empty cookie tin.



No matter how hard we try to stay organized, it’s easy to lose track of little things like extra ornament hooks and spare light bulbs. Try storing these kinds of items together in a small box that you can keep out during the holidays next year. That way, you won’t have to go searching through all your larger boxes if a lightbulb on the tree burns out.


Label Your Containers

Once everything has been packed up, make sure your containers are clearly labeled. When the time comes to decorate next year, you’ll be glad you took the extra time to label things. If there are certain things you tend to put out before others, put them in a box together and label it “unpack first” to save yourself the trouble of searching through several boxes to find what you need. Or if you use both outdoor and indoor decorations, keeping them in separate labeled containers will make decorating a lot more efficient.


Organize Your Shelves

If you use a lot of seasonal decorations throughout the year, it might be best to give them their own shelving unit. Since most people tend to keep decorations in garages and basements, wire shelving and steel rivet shelving are great storage options for these areas. Depending on how many boxes of decorations you have, you might want to organize your containers by the order you use them. Some people even like to color code the containers they use for various holidays, like red or green for Christmas and purple or yellow for Easter, to make it easier to know which type of decorations are in which container.