IT"S FRIDAY....HALLELUJAH and if you took the day off work to go to Jobbie Nooner then I am jealous but if you decided to be a great employee and go to work today you probably go a lot of work done just like me.  And just so we all see the fun everything is having...LOOK

Alright enough of that, air conditioning is way better than vitamin D any day...or not.  Back to the story at hand, I just got done putting up a bunch of new products from Winsome Wood and I would like to give you three awesome reasons to buy our entertainment centers and end tables.  Who knew wood could be so exciting.

Number one:
Entertainment centers or media centers for the new age people, can hold everything you need to show off your huge flat screen TV, DVD players, a Playstation 3's, sorry but I did not want to mention X-Box cause a PS3 is better.  Look at this one below, the only problem is that a bigger TV is needed.

Number two:
Night stands and end tables, whatever you want to call them, are essential.  I mean when we are in bed or sitting on the couch, we are being lazy and do not want to reach for anything.  That is why a handy little bedside table or accent table right next to you fixes the problem.  They are also great in the morning so you can easily roll over and slap your cell phone alarm, who uses a real alarm clock anymore.  And the best part is that most of our collection of wood tables have a cabinet or drawer to put as one person called it, "nighttime goodies," in.  HMMMM, I will just leave it at that but look at them

Number three:
Besides most of our end tables and night stands having drawers they are all made out of hardwood, has a shelf because hey this is the Shelving Store and some of them come in different colors, why, because diversity is awesome.

 Well that is all I have for today, so enjoy your weekend, soak up some sun and check back next Friday for our blog about the photo shoot we are having.