It has happened to the best of us at least once, that awkward moment when you realize that you have accumulated way too much stuff in your home and you don't know what to do.

The solution is very simple however; toss it, give it or shelf it. It is inevitable that stress happens to you and the last thing you want on a stressful day is to come home to a cluttered house. So instead of waiting until that time, be proactive and declutter your home using an easy to follow guide.


Decide what rooms need work and make a list. Begin sifting through all the papers, clothes, toys and appliances and create three piles.

          1. Keep
          2. Give Away
          3. Toss

Your first instinct is normally the best, so if you pick up a shirt that you have not worn in two years, don't second guess yourself, don't keep it. If an item is damaged then you want to throw it away, but for everything else, donate it. Foundations like the Purple Heart, Salvation Army and Goodwill are perfect. Check local churches in your area as they will always take donations as well. Now only if we all had three convenient baskets to organize with. 


Don't expect this to take a couple of minutes. Know that this project is going to take some time. If you go fast, you might throw something away or give it away by accident. You must be realistic about this but know that you can't keep everything. Make a goal and keep with it. Try taking one aspect of each room a day and perfecting it. Start in the corner of a room and move your way around. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to do this, it is better than nothing.


If you live by yourself, then the mess is all on you but if you live with others chances are they aided in the clutter. Make them help and give everyone in the household a lesson about organization. You also don't want to throw out your families stuff. We all have items that are dear to us, so get others to help with their mess. Pointing fingers will not make everything better or get the job done faster.


Alright so you got the job done and are feeling good. All the hard work has paid off but just remember to keep the job going. Don't go out and buy a bunch of useless items just because you now have the room. When buying new items, take a second a think about if you really need it. Plus you could up saving some money too. Setting a rule can also help for the future. For instance if you bring something new into the house, two items must then leave. You don't want to get yourself into the same mess again. If you see a potential mess, stop and clean it before it gets out of control and you are back at square one.

Becoming organized and decluttering your home will make life easier, trust us, after all we are the experts.