At The Shelving Store, we see chrome wire shelving used in every way possible. Here are just a few ideas we’ve come across over the years:
  • Mini Chrome Wire Shelving Units can be put near the entrance of your home for neat shoe organization. Stop throwing your shoes into a crowded closet or kicking them against the wall. Instead, place them on a chrome shelf. Add a decorative box on the shelf to throw keys and knick-knacks into when you walk in the door.
  • A home office needs to be clean and clutter free. Chrome Wire Shelving Units are perfect to organize your office accessories. Printers, papers, shredders, and books will fit wonderfully onto a dust-free chrome wire shelving unit.
  • An 18” deep by 12” wide Mini Chrome Wire Shelving Unit fits perfectly into any bathroom space. It looks great with extra towels and bathroom supplies that match the color scheme of your room. The unit can be customized by adding as many shelves as you need. Plus, dust from tissues won’t collect like on regular shelves.
  • For a perfect TV storage unit, put a Chrome Pentagon Corner Unit into the main corner of your living room. Add your TV on the top shelf and place game consoles, DVD players, or stereo equipment onto the lower shelves for convenient storage. For a soft, decorative touch, place some colorful flowers next to the TV.
  • Kitchen pantries are usually cluttered and full of dry food items. Chrome Wire Shelving Units and Add on Kits create the perfect angular shelving space to store your favorite food items. Add on Kits connect to regular chrome wire units creating the perfect angle so no storage space is wasted. Organize cereal, cookies, and soups on your chrome wire shelving unit for easy access in your kitchen pantry.
  • You can spice up your home library by using Chrome Wire Shelving and Shelf Enclosures. The side and back shelving enclosures snap into place within the chrome wire unit and the track system allows you to hide items you do not want seen. Books can be organized however you wish and won’t get dusty like on a normal bookshelf unit.
However you decide to use Chrome Wire Shelving, it will be stylish while increasing your home’s organization. Chrome Wire Shelving is versatile, durable, and really is perfect for any room.