When it comes to holiday decorating many of us are constantly looking for unique and different ways to change up our yearly display. Often we get in a decorating rut, placing the same items in the same spot. Sometimes we also discover new items to display that we purchased the previous year on clearance, and realize we do not have a spot for that adorable new Santa figurine that we just HAD to have!

One of the best ways to showcase your favorite holiday items, use different types of shelving! We often never have a place for that village that seems to grow in size each year, using one of our decorative shelving lines is an easy solution for village dilemmas. The customizable design of our decorative shelving allows you to create a one long shelf, or several shorter shelves to fit your collection!

Chrome Wire Shelving offers a way to tack on additional holiday lights to your display holiday lights. The ventilated design of chrome shelving allows for strings of lights to be wound through easily. Weaving garland through the vents would be just as easy!

Finally, for a special and decorative way to display Christmas figurines, snow globes and other holiday collectibles try utilized a Linon bookcase! Linon bookcases add a modern touch to any room throughout the year, and switching out your everyday items for holiday collectibles is easy!

Keep Your Holidays Organized!
-The Shelving Guy