A lot of people see our wire kitchen kits and assume they’re only supposed to be used in the kitchen.

This makes sense - after all, why call them “kitchen carts” if they’re not supposed to help out in the kitchen, right? But these handy carts have a lot they can offer around the whole house, and with a little imagination you can easily find a use for kitchen carts wherever you have some empty space and a need for organization:

  • Instead of keeping booze on bar carts like the name would suggest, why not try using them as a coffee cart? Keep your favorite mugs, French presses, beans/grounds, creamers, and whatever else you need for your favorite morning pick-me-up right on one convenient, mobile solution.
  • Making breakfast for your partner (or the whole family)? Grab a kitchen cart, add some hard tops, and wheel it into the bedroom as a portable brunch cart or breakfast cart to keep your breakfast stuff close at hand if someone needs a little more syrup.
  • Got a home office but you just never seem to have enough room for all your desk supplies and paperwork? Kitchen carts are great for home office organization by giving you an extra surface to keep binders, documents, writing supplies, and everything else you need to keep organized but don’t quite have enough room on the desk for.
  • We’re the first person to believe you when you try to explain that you need all those cosmetics and makeup palettes for various purposes (honest). However, we also know that they can start to get a little hard to put away after a while, so why not wheel out a kitchen cart to serve as a mobile makeup station to hold onto all those Sephora and IT cosmetics?
  • Bathrooms sure have a lot of stuff in them, don’t they? Whether you need a way to keep your favorite soaps and shampoos close at hand or just need somewhere else to keep your cleaning brushes and toilet paper, kitchen carts are a convenient way to organize bathroom supplies to make the most of your cabinet space for other things.
  • Do your kids have toys they tend to take out of the playroom a lot? Why not start keeping them on a kitchen cart to be a movable toy box so the fun can go with them wherever they go - and so everything is easier to put away when they’re done?

These are just a few of the ways they can be used, and if you have your own tips or ideas why not leave them in the comments below? And either way, the next time you need some quick and portable storage, remember to think outside of the kitchen!