Springtime is full of whimsy. The birds are singing sweetly, flower buds are popping out wherever their hearts (bulbs?) desire, and it seems to rain regardless of weather forecasts and gardening plans. Add some whimsy to your home decor with Umbra's unique line of modern wall storage - on sale next week!
Welcome home the birds this spring with birds that welcome you home
We love Umbra because of the thought and detail they put into every product they design. Not only are their products aesthetically beautiful, they are innovative. These aren't your run of the mill book shelves and coat racks, these are products that redefine how shelves and racks look and function - for the better.
We just put up this great coat rack in our office. The Expansia Hook is perfect for any space because you can actually adjust how it looks by pulling or pushing it apart. It looks fantastic and was simple to put up (even for 2 women unacquainted with a power drill).
Wow Factor Level: Critical
With Umbra you don't have to worry about sacrificing style for functionality or vice-versa. These products are intuitive and add a WOW factor to any room. Be the person that gets asked where they got that _____. Get unique and fun storage from Umbra here at The Shelving Store.

Check back on Tuesday, the 16th of April for 10% off all Umbra products at The Shelving Store!