Just when our stuff gets organized, we seem to accumulate more stuff that needs a place of it's own. Luckily, the Shelving Store has a wide variety of wire shelving accessories, to customize your wire shelving unit.

These cost effective wire shelving accessories add style, and extra storage capacity to your existing wire shelving unit.

Most of these wire shelving accessories snap on for easy installation. Add storage baskets and sliding drawers to easily organize and store your smaller items in one place. You can also add dividers and drop shelves to separate your stuff.

You can even add more accessory shelves to any wire shelving unit. Just slide additional shelves on the posts, or adjust the height of your existing shelves to better hold all of your items.

Give your growing wire shelving unit extra support by snapping on shelf ledges and hanger rails on your wire shelving unit. You can also add a hanger rail to attach more storage baskets, and even snap on hooks.

You can also add shelf liners for a decorative touch to your shelving unit. They come in a variety of colors to match your home d├ęcor, and will ensure that smaller items, like photo frames, don't fall through the wire shelves.

Customize all your wire shelving units with these accessories to handle your growing or changing storage needs.

Keep your home organized,

The Shelving Guy