Whether you are looking to maximize space or simply declutter your home, wire shelving can easily organize life's stuff.

Pick any room in your house and wire shelving can be assembled to fit any space. With 7 different depth options, up to 9 width sizes and 13 post heights you can surely customize the wire racks to create almost anything. From a desk and bookcase to an entertainment center and bakers rack, the sky's the limit.

Just look at what chrome wire shelving can do in the home...

Use wire shelving to assemble a sturdy desk in your home office. This particular desk features one 24"d x 42"w wire shelf, four 30" posts and four 12" hanger rails for stability and strength. Add a shelf liner to create a solid surface and pick from seven colors to match your home decor. You can really get creative and even make a chair with casters too!

Create a bookcase with wire shelving to place in your bedroom, den or library as an inexpensive way to hold all your favorite books. You can be completely versatile here and really create any size to fit your needs. Each shelf is easily adjustable to accommodate even the biggest of books. Remember to get shelf liners so the books don't fall through the cracks. 
A happy customer sent us this picture showcasing a complete entertainment set-up in this living room. He created a custom TV stand with room for this sound system and gaming consoles. To the right, a nifty space for his extensive record collection and fish tank with a butcher block top for added strength. And to the left, one of our hard to find 8"d shelving as a DVD tower.
Store all your kitchen appliances, bake ware and dishes on a wire shelving bakers rack. Find the perfect size using our easy to buy kits or design your own to fit your needs. Plus the ventilated shelves minimize dust and make for easy cleaning. This bakers rack uses four 8"d x 48"w shelves and our 96" posts to maximize space and storage.

There a countless other uses for wire shelving in the home and not enough time to tell you every use. So be creative and see how chrome wire shelving can declutter your home!