Since things were looking good, we wrapped up our prep work and got to the meat of the matter: how in the world were we going to showcase all of the stunning duds we picked out for the shoot? We don’t exactly have a wealth of space, and our closet is full of our clothes.


So where could a group of girls get ready with full access to mirrors and makeup? The same place they would at home: their room! So we nixed the bed, leaning it against the wall in the 2nd bedroom and set our minds on displaying the clothes.

Garment Racks at

Since I work at, I figured a mobile garment rack would be the perfect solution. Four poles, two shelves, a set of casters, and a hanging-rod later, I made up this neat little ditty. The bottom shelf boasts a translucent liner for the high-heels, while the top rack was used for accessories. Thanks to this simple shelving system, the bridal party was able to play dress up along with their other party games.

From left: (goofy) Maid of Honor, (nerdy) Photographer & Shelf Guy, (sultry) Bride-to-be

As all good tales go, this story had a happy ending. We really wouldn’t have been able to have such a successful photo-shoot (and party!) without this little garment rack. The best part was, when everyone left, I just wheeled the mobile rack out of the room and put my bed back for a well deserved nap.