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  1. Organizing The Living Room For Santa's Arrival!

    The big day is coming! Christmas is right around the corner, Santa Claus is loading up his sleigh and getting his reindeer all strapped in, and as soon as the kids calm down and go to sleep there will be visions of sugarplums dancing in everyone’s heads.

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  2. Five Snow Day Cleaning Projects

    For most of the country, it’s the time of year where snow days become a sad inevitability - and for the rest of the country, wow, must be nice.

    Winter bitterness aside, snow days tend to be a mixed bag of blessings. It’s nice to get out of work early (or not have to go in at all), and if you’ve got kids they’re never exactly going to complain about a day off from school, but they can be...kinda boring sometimes, can’t they?

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  3. The Best Things To Keep On Closet Shelves

    Closet shelving is a handy addition to any closet or bedroom that a lot of people maybe don’t use quite to its full potential.

    That’s not to say it goes unused, nor are people always using it the wrong way, but there’s some ways to use that space to really help make the most of the room you have in the closet!

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  4. Multipurpose Guest Room Tips & Ideas

    We’re in the thick of the holiday season, and this means you’re probably preparing for company to arrive. This means you’ve probably had to start pulling together a guest room, which typically leads to a lot of other stuff getting moved unceremoniously into the basement - home office stuff, exercise equipment, etc - in order to make room.

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  5. Best Rooms In Your House For Wall Shelving

    Much like home decorations, there’s an art to hanging the right shelving.

    You need to understand the needs of each room, from what they store to how they’re laid out to what other kinds of decoration or home furniture they have, and you can’t just go around drilling holes and throwing shelves up without the proper consideration.

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