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  1. Organizing For Summer Activities

    At least for the kids, the best thing summer brings is the chance to get outside and do stuff!

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  2. Five Perfect (And Fast) Outdoor Projects For Summer!

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grills are grilling...and you’re probably already dreading the amount of yardwork you have to do.

    Don’t despair! Now that the sun is out there’s plenty to do, but you have plenty of time to do it. Instead of getting caught up in one massive project and getting all stressed out, why not try to start the summer right with a few quick projects you can get done in an afternoon or so?

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  3. Keep Your Porch Mosquito Free!

    Summertime is great! There’s picnics, there’s barbecues, there’s long nights on the porch, there’s endless hordes of, wait.

    The endless hordes of mosquitoes are, in fact, not part of why summer is great, and are at best an unfortunate inevitability. But you don’t have to suffer through it anymore!

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  4. Shed the Clutter: Garden Shed Organization Tips

    If you’ve got a shed in your backyard, let’s all be honest for a second: you probably don’t spend as much time organizing it as you do your garage, do you?

    That’s fine, we’re not judging you - we’ve all got a shed or two that can use some help. But there’s no doubt that spending the time to get your shed under control can really help out in the long run the next time you need to go digging for your weed whacker, or just want to get something new in your garden. If you want to get your shed under control so you don’t have to keep buying replacement garden gloves because you’re always losing yours, here’s a few tips to help get started: 

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  5. It's Not Easy Going Green: Making Space For Recycling Bins

    Everyone likes to talk about going green and helping the environment, but nobody likes to talk about what a pain it is sometimes.

    Let’s face it - you’ve already got a lot of trash cans and bins around the house, and even if all you want to do is recycle old bottles and cans (maybe paper if you’re feeling adventurous) it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out where everything is going to go.

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