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  1. Organizing Your Craft Room

    Particularly in these days of Pinterest boards, DIY spirit, and Etsy crafts, a lot of people still like to keep a craft room handy for projects.


    Whatever you’re into - sewing, painting, scrapbooking, etc - keeping a dedicated space for your craft projects and supplies is a great way to stay productive and keep everything organized, which is always a nice bonus right?


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  2. Things To Consider When Installing A Fireplace Mantel

    Far more than just ‘the thing on top of your fireplace’, fireplace mantels have become a centerpiece for decoration in the living room. Over the years they’ve become more shelf-like in design, allowing you to use them as a space to show off your treasured photos, home decor, or anything else you can fit up there (that can be safely stored near a fireplace, of course).

    The nice thing about them is that in most cases they’re pretty modular and replaceable. Most modern homes don’t have a built-in mantel which means you can install whatever one you like most over the fireplace – kind of nice that you can make it your own, right?

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  3. How To Organize (And Display) A Record Collection

    As surprised as most of our parents are to see it come back, vinyl collecting (and that’s vinyl as in records, not vinyl as in siding) is huge right now!

    Whether you’re doing it for nostalgia, because you’re one of those people that claims it sounds better (and it might!), or maybe you just want a slightly more personal touch to buying music that iTunes just can’t provide, record collections are back in a way that we haven’t seen since the mid-80s sometime.

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  4. Building & Organizing A Wine Room

    An increasingly popular sight in a lot of people’s homes these days is the wine room! Whether down in the basement to make it a true wine cellar, or just somewhere in an unused guest room now that the kids have moved out (not that anyone here has done that), storing and displaying your wine collection has become an increasingly popular way to decorate your home and give all those wine bottles somewhere to be.

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  5. Five Steps To Speed Clean Your Porch For Springtime!

    Spring is here (or at least on its way, depending on where you live) and with it comes the usual spring cleaning rigamarole. The drapes are opened, everything is dusted off and made ready for nicer weather, and things just feel a little brighter sometimes.

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